Best Quality of Services

We have been established at the crucial time of explosion of technology especially at a time when our society is just to take a leap of faith. We are conscious about our wide range of customer and their timely demands.

Business vision

The way we are conducting our business is a real new approach towards entrepreneurship in a narrow market like ours. Though we have foreseen the globalized singular market of the world, we have to sustain in the local market and we also think that we are one of the changing agents of a developing society like ours. We envision that a business run ethically in the market can be a positive trendsetter in the society.

CMS Integration

Do you need assistance in editing, publishing, modifying, and maintaining the content of your website? Are your content management procedures suitable enough to manage the comprehensiveness and workflow of your site? Here at Nanosoft, we deliver the best web development solutions for your website needs.

Digital Marketing

Choosing the right digital marketing services for your business is challenging enough without having to deal with multiple digital marketing and creative agencies and vendors to meet your needs. From digital and design to broadcast and print, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be amazed at the work Nanosoft can do. Check out the wide range of services we have to offer.

Web Development

You need to have your website whether you have a business or service or you are simply anyone. A website is not only a means of advertisement but it will help to recognize you globally. Remember you can reach to the global market of billions of people within a single click. If you want to know more please contact us.

Software Development

Domain registration

You need to have a domain name registered before you host your website in the web server. You have two options to register your domain name; either you register as something like or like  Registering by the first option is easy and cheap and does not need any annual charges. If you want to register as a .com site (2nd option),you will have to pay a little more around Rs 1500 annually. A domain name must be unique and you cannot have the names already registered though you can buy them.